This may be a little late but the sentiment is the same… Happy New Year! We hope for you that this year has begun with blessings, answered prayers, and more moments of joy than moments of sorrow.

Our pastor, Alex Beane, spoke on happiness vs. joy a few weeks ago. Great sermon! I’ll try to share in part a little of what he said, although you really need to his version for the impact! He explained that happiness is a feeling; an emotion that comes and goes, usually depending on circumstances. But, joy? Joy is that deep settled feeling in your soul that comes only from God and doesn’t change regardless of circumstances. You can be facing trials, tribulation, disappointment, and be near the end of your rope and still feel joy. Think about it. Have you ever met a person that seems joyful, not particularly happy, but has a sense of joy in even the worse situations? You try to figure out just what that unexplained thing is that grounds them when everything around them is falling apart. The only answer is joy – joy in knowing Jesus as your Savior, joy in knowing that He is in control of ALL things, and joy in knowing that if He brings it to you, He will bring you through it. Let’s face it, right now the world is not a happy place and if we were to rely on happiness to get us through, we’d be hard-pressed to make it. The song says, “The joy of the Lord is my strength” not “The happiness of the Lord is my strength.” My challenge for you is to find your joy today, in the midst of trouble or triumph, find your “God” joy and hang on to it.

Continue to pray for the selling of our bus. Since Tony is the only one who can drive this bus, due to Don’s legs being so long and not being able to move the seat back, our need is a different means of transportation. We’ve had a few interested people but none have been the right buyer. We’re trusting He will send the right person in His time.

People ask if we are still singing and the answer is a resounding “YES!” We still go where He sends us. We are thankful for your prayers, your support and encouragement. We could not have continued our ministry for this many years without you and your contributions of support. Consider yourselves hugged and thanked!!


Need or Needs?

The Bible says, “He shall supply all our need according to His riches in glory.” This scripture has been quoted, or I should say, misquoted many times by laymen and ministers alike. The scripture mentions the word “need” not “needs.” It seems we always have a laundry list of things we want God to do.

If today you have a need then give that need to Him and in His due time He will answer. The way you want? Maybe not, but rest assured He will answer. You may not like the timing, but in His time He will answer.

Let’s face it friends, God is not a great Santa Claus in the sky but we sometimes act like He is, don’t we? When we ask Him for things, let’s be sure it isn’t a list of wants but a need. Remember, our God loves you and is concerned about your well-being. Love Him as He loves you.

God Bless you and yours. Lew K4















regivers ?Out of sight…out of mind.  I am definitely one of those. My mother  taught us four boys to clean house, cook and do dishes. Now I can cook, clean and buy groceries, but I hate washing the sheets! I found a way of knowing how to replace them. I put a safety pin on one corner. (Smart, right?) I guess I am lucky because there are men who can’t boil water without burning it. While I do my chores I have many people to pray for. My hunting and fishing buddy is not doing well. Ron and Carol have been married for sixty years, but the last six have been  very difficult for them. There is Bernice Farnum, whose husband, Ron, my friend and former Bolivian missionary pilot, is learning to live with Parkinson’s. Then there is Marilyn, whose husband Mike, an Agent Orange victim, is now suffering from a recent stroke. On top of that, she and Mike have a son who had health issues which resulted in removal of some of his toes. I often think of Maureen who took care of her husband, Glen, for years until his passing away. Not only is she grieving but is dealing with depression and thoughts of how she could have done better. Some would say there truly are some things worse than death.

On a good note … Gary and Becky have much to thank the Lord for. Gary spent many weeks taking care of his wife, Becky, who had emergency brain surgery due to a tumor. She miraculously recovered, all but her eyesight. She was left with double vision,  primarily in one eye. Just last week she had another surgery to correct the double vision and her vision is back as it should be. Another praise is Morris and Phyllis. Phyllis’ knees were in such bad shape she couldn’t walk, even with the help of a walker. She endured two complete knee surgeries and as of last week, she was out mowing their lawn! Again, much to be thankful for. God bless you and yours and God bless America! Lew – K4


Mistake or Sin?

There are some people in the religious community that take this stand. I can’t buy into this because if that were true we would not get into heaven. There is an old saying that says we don’t have time to do it right the first time but always have   time to do it over. The Bible tells us for one to do wrong and knoweth it to be wrong, to him that is sin. So where are you on this subject? You think about that. (I’m trusting Anita to correct all my mistakes!) Anyway, God Bless. Lew K4



Mind in gear before mouth in motion

H ave you ever said a word and wish you had not? Book  of James says “the unbridled tongue comes from the evils of the  heart. The spoken word is much like the internet in that a word said cannot be recalled. A   caustic word can  ruin many of

family and friend relationships.     Before criticizing or judging, don’t look at the obvious but wait for the actual Let me tell you a story. When I was a little boy, and I was once, we had a paper called the Grit. Now many of you won’t know this but the old timers will remember getting prizes like body balm and shoe polish if you sold   the paper. I only remember one story and here it is. In 1946, the Yankees had a  love for  Joe Dimagio who never  argued   with the umpires – either safe or out . It was in the ninth inning with two outs. Joe came to the  plate and  fouled two strikes. Joe  stood and watched the ump call a third strike. Joe turned and said something to the ump and the crowd went wild and stormed field the field at the umpire. A journalist  was standing by and asked Joe what he said. He replied, ” I  said I wish I had that one back.” So don’t look at the obivious and miss the actual before saying something  You think  about that. Lew K 4. I thank   Anita f0r all of the corrections and for trying to read my mind. Good luck with that. Ha! God Bless and God bless America! Lew K4